Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

Here is a brief introduction to our very boring team. Yes :)

john's photo

John Egan

Seen here deep in thought, John is
 renowned for his love of silence, 
and his lifelong dream is reaching 





Alena Leychenko

Alena is here embracing her first tree ever since she left Russia at the age of 32. Her lifetime dream is to bring a tree back to the 
Motherland, and raise her little 
children in it





Simon McKiernan

Simon, what a nice guy. He's just the 
nicest guy. Let's all take a moment to 
reflect on what a nice guy he is.
Ahhhh, Simon.



Cormac O’Brien

Cormac seen here pre-divilment. He 
was subsequently deported to Russia where he met Alena and they have settled down with 9 kids, all named Ivan Drago.



Mahrukh Waheeeeeeed

Mahrukh is so perfect she's literally an angel,
 even nuns think she's an angel. And nuns don't
know what sarcasm is, seriously, I googled it.

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